Our Story


Welcome to Boo Bean & Bear the home of whimsy, fun and make believe. Where children are allowed to be children and indulge in their need for imaginative play.

My name is Amy and I'm the founder and maker behind everything you see here. These are my children (and the inspiration behind everything I do) Matilda and Teddy. 

In my previous life I was a lawyer but after my two little ones were born I wanted something that would allow me to work from home and which would fulfil a longheld desire to work in the creative field. I enlisted the help of my Mum, who by the way is the most creative and talented seamstress, to teach me how to use a sewing machine and this is when Boo Bean & Bear was born. 

The business started in Sydney Australia, where I am from, and recently moved to Ireland. All items are made here by me in my home studio and shipped to you all over the world. 

Now you and your family can share in the magic of our special tradition and enjoy our personalised heirloom keepsakes which can be can be reused year after year.  You can be sure that each item is created with care, love and just a little bit of magic..

I hope you love what you see here. 

Lots of love & magic 

Amy x